I definitely noticed it was flatter after just two sessions. Overall I lost 10cms

‘Lazy girls lipo’ – sit on a laser for half an hour and melt away your fat? Sounds a bit far fetched, right? Well the tape measure doesn’t lie and we can confirm that you’ll lose inches with Liposculpture

I was amazed by the results: after one session, I lost two inches off each thigh and three inches off my stomach. I can’t wait to get into my little black dress

I lost 14.50 inches from my stomach and I would recommend it. Thanks again

An hour later, I’m done. I’m delighted to discover both my arms are half an inch slimmer and after a second session; they shrink by a further half an inch each. Two weeks on and I still look like a tricep dip queen. I’m thrilled!

“I’d lost half a CM off the flabbiest bit and my skin felt lots tighter. A few days later, my skin still felt super-taught and smooth and my upper arm was now 1cm smaller, I’ll be booking more sessions ASAP

I’m a converted cynic. This is amazing and I haven’t put the inches back, despite doing no exercise.

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  1. Brilliant!! Can’t believe I lost 10cm in just one hour! My tummy ‘pouch’ has significantly reduced so a very happy girl. Will definitely go back for more!! Thanks Emma

  2. 5* This is a sure winner for me! I have tried many toning and weight loss treatments in the past, and this is by far superior! I have seen 5 inches loss from waist and my legs and are slimmer and more toned as well! Emma really took time to understand my needs and concern areas and targeted the treatment for the most effective results. Couldn’t be happier!

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