Our IPL (Intense Pulse Light) Technology

Proven, Fast and Safe Technology for Treating Unwanted Hair and ‘Problem’ Skin

When we use IPL technology at the Cheshire Aesthetic Clinic, a laser applicator is placed on the skin, releasing a brief pulse of light which targets hair follicles simultaneously. The ray of high intensity light heats the pigment and destroys the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding cell, preventing any further hair grown.

IPL technology is also a highly effective, non-surgical method for rejuvenating all skin tones and for painlessly treating skin conditions such as pigmentation, sun damage, thread veins and acne.

At Cheshire Aesthetic Clinic we study and understand all the latest developments in IPL technology in order to invest in the very best equipment for our clients.

That’s why we have chosen the industry-leading NRG ICE laser system – the only IPL permanent hair reduction system on the market that works on all hair and skin colours. The built in ICE cold system ensures pain-free, speedy results with little or no regrowth following your course of treatments.

At Cheshire Aesthetic Clinic, we are delighted with our successful track record of treating men and women of all Caucasian, Asian and Afro-Caribbean skin tones.

If you wish to look and feel fabulous immediately, or have a longer term aim to transform your body, we have the dedication, skill and technology to help you.

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Our IPL Technology

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