IPL Hair Removal Price List

All Cheshire Aesthetic Clinic Treatments include a FREE Consultation

Other areas can be treated upon request.

Single TreatmentCourse of 3 TreatmentsCourse of 6 Treatments
Upper Lip£40.00£110.00£200.00
Upper Lip and Chin£85.00£235.00£425.00
Half Arms£95.00£265.00£475.00
Full Arms£145.00£395.00£870.00
Lower Leg£115.00£315.00£575.00
Upper Leg£135.00£375.00£675.00
Full Leg£195.00£545.00£975.00
Bikini Line£75.00£215.00£375.00
Extended Bikini Line£110.00£305.00£550.00
Upper Back£95.00£265.00£475.00
Lower Back£85.00£235.00£425.00
Full Back£160.00£430.00£800.00
Chest and Abdomen£155.00£435.00£775.00

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IPL Hair Removal Price List

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